Bear with a heart Circular Rattle.
For 45 years, HEIMESS have been producing traditional wooden toys for babies and small children.

Their philosophy is simple.

They produce simple, age specific toys, designed to meet the various requirements of babies. Toys are designed to stimulate and develop the senses of
- hearing, through noises such as rattles and bells
- seeing, through brightly coloured items
- touching, through the use of wonderfully tactile materials
- motor development such as grasping and grabbing
- coordination
- size, shape, material and colour recognition
- of creativity and concentration

Heimess develop simple, baby like shapes. In line with nature they only use wood from recultivated forests, like beech and maple.

The advantages of wooden toys are clear:

the warm, pleasant feeling of wood
the soft noises of the wood when playing
wood is not a dust trap
wood is easy to clean
advantageous for allergy sufferers or babies with immunodeficiency

Heimess believe, as do we, that the earlier we give toys to our babies the better we support their motor skills and mental development.

Materials used include
- Solid woods like beech and maple
- nickel- and rust-free clips and bells made of stainless steel
- water-based non-toxic stains and lacquers
- colourfast stains and lacquers, insensitive to saliva and perspiration.