May 2014


At last, we are able to offer you the ampersand.

Many of our customers have told us they're delighted that at last they have the option of using this sign when, for example, a room is shared by two children, whose names can now be linked on the door!

If you'd like to investigate further, click here.

May 2014

March 2014


Teachers and schools all over the country are going mad over our Teaching Letters. The lovely colourful animal letters come and both upper and lower case which Teachers love. They are ideal for making bedrooms, classroom doors, libraries, toilet blocks and schools in general , a fun place to learn. The bright colours and different animals are all within the letters making the outline clean and easy to identify. Recently we had an order for the entire alphabet in upper and lower case for a teachers classroom wall.
Send us images of your school or bedroom door with our lovely Teaching Letters and be in to win a monthly prize of the entire alphabet

March 2014

January 2014

Thank you to Clare who sent us this lovely photo of Oliver's name train ordered from Clementinetoys for Christmas, and his collection of cuddly toys. When Oliver is a bit older he will have great fun pulling his name train along, although his room may not look quite so tidy!!

January 2014
Dec 31st 2013
Dec 31st 2013
Happy New Year Everyone!

What an exciting, enjoyable year 2013 has been here at Clementine Toys!

Thank you so much for the lovely emails we get - it's really nice to hear from you. You the customer are our top priority and because we are a small, personal business, we put lots of time and effort into trying to get everything perfect for you.

We are also proud that we only stock quality toys offering your child fabulous fun without plastic.

Roll on 2014 - we can't wait!

21st Nov - YAY! Open for business!
21st Nov - YAY!  Open for business!

Nov 2013 - Just about ready in the market stall...

Winchester's fabulous Christmas market opens tomorrow, Thursday 21st November ... and already we can see there are a lot of great stalls to visit - especially Clementine Toys of course!!

Here's Trish getting to grips with some "springies", and you can see the chalet is starting to take shape..

It's always a bit of a problem working out where to put all the pieces for display, let alone all the boxes of stock! So come along and get some Christmas gifts - and help us reduce our mountain of name plaques and height charts so that we can actually fit into the chalet!

Pop in and say hello!
Nov 2013 - Just about ready in the market stall...
Nov 2013Nov 2013

It's time for us here at Clementine Toys to wrap up warm again, and join the crowds at Winchester Cathedral for the wonderful Christmas Market!

Drop in and enjoy the festive atmosphere with us - and with all the other people who just love Winchester at Christmastime.

Clementine Toys is in Stall 54 - luckily, that's right by the food stall area!! (Trish is hoping there's a chocolate stall...)

We'll be in town setting up over the next few days and then the Big Day - the market opens on Thursday 21st November. And the annual Lantern Procession is the following Thursday evening.

Here's a link to the Cathedral website so you can see what's happening.

Come and have fun with us!

Oct 2013 - New comfortersOct 2013 - New comforters

This is one of the nicest presents to give a new baby!

Bella and Bruno are absolutely gorgeous, they are soft, cuddly, tactile, and of course, comforting! It'll be one of cuddlies they'll never want to be without. Perfect for both girls and boys.

An extra special thing about Bella and Bruno is that we have lovely matching items to go with them, too: soft activity cubes, and a lovely cuddly Bella bunny or bruno puppy.

Take a look at Bella and Bruno now in our shop by clicking here!

Here's Bruno!

And a baby can never have too many comforters.

Or should I say, a mother can never have too many comforters .. because you know what it's like when you are heading out with the car or the pram, and baby is demanding his/her comforter - and you can't find it!

That's why I suggest giving a comforter, you just know it will be appreciated by both baby AND Mum!

You can see the Bruno and Bella range here.

Here's Bruno!
Sept 2013 - Helping your little one to learn to read: the earlier the better.

Why not encourage pre-reading skills from as early as 6 months!

Pre-reading skills means they recognise letters and know what sound the letter makes, and know how some simple words begin, such as cat, bee, egg, etc.

And guess what - the good news is that one of the best ways to teach them early word skills, is simple, and fun: talk a lot, and show them the letters, along with the sound of the letter.

Babies try to imitate what they are hearing. That's how they start on their first words - and that's when they need to see the letters, saying them one by one.

The latest research shows that children who start nursery school with some good pre-reading skills are likely to become good readers and better school students later in their childhood years.

That's where our lovely alphabet letters come in handy: they make learning fun!

Pick and choose whichever letters you want - or better still, why not order a full alphabet!

July 2013 - Pick and Choose your own letters!

We get loads of compliments on how we at Clementine Toys encourage you the customer to CHOOSE YOUR OWN alphabet letters, unlike other websites where you tend to get what they send you.

We are delighted to work with you to get exactly the arrangement you want (subject to availability, of course!) For example, with our jungle letters, you can choose the exact jungle animnal that you want, and the colour, and whether they are upper or lower case etc.

And with our clown letters, if you want a yellow L, you'll get a yellow L, not a pink one! That's our aim - we offer a personal service, aimed at making sure you're happy with your purchase. Better than an e-bay store isn't it!

PLUS - even though postage charges went up in May, we have held our shipping costs ... which means you still pay £2.95 shipping, no matter how many things you buy.

Nice and simple!

And don't forget, all the prices you see on our website include VAT, so you won't pay a penny over the price shown onsite.

July 2013 Some people have great ideas!

How's this for a great idea? A wonderful customer named Enza kindly sent us this photo of a memento bag she made for every guest at the christening of a little boy whose name started with "D"..

She chose our Adventure Boy letters, and made almost 50 of these fabulous bags (called 'favors' apparently..) .. one for each guest.

Clever isn't it?

Thanks for sending the picture Enza!

July 2013 Some people have great ideas!
June 2013 - Developments afoot for Clementine Toys!

It's been a busy couple of months here at Clementine Toys - partly because we've been lining-up new ranges of alphabet letters for you! Already we bring you the largest selection of alphabet letters on the planet - and we've got another new range coming soon!!

And don't forget, we pride ourselves in offering you CHOICE in whatever set of alphabet letters you choose. That's what we put our effort into, to make sure you get exacrtly what you want!

Plus - we're also lining-up something for you to sit on. Or sit at. Or put things in. Furniture!! Everything your little one could want, when it comes to fabulous designer wooden furniture made especially for children. Our new range is guaranteed to delight them, with wonderfully imaginative designs.

We'll be loading it onto the website over the next week or two ... so do pop back and visit us again soon!

March 2013 Easter ahoy! So how come it's so cold? brrrr...
A very happy Easter to all our wonderful customers! Easter is such a lovely time for children and a fun time for families, with so many Easter traditions - decorating eggs, hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts, chocolate rabbits, special church services, Easter bonnets ... all part of the Easter celebrations. And of course it's also school holidays ..... ! However you choose to celebrate, the staff here at wish you all a safe and happy Easter!March 2013 text
Feb 2013 Here's a new addition to the team
Feb 2013 text Here's a little face we'll be seeing a bit more of - meet our new Clementine toy-tester!
She has just turned three and seems to think it is a pretty good job, passing her verdict on new ranges of toys that Trish, our buyer, comes up with.
As you can see, our little Clementine is really getting her head around a sample of our wonderful wooden alphabet letters. She particularly likes the crazy bird set. Clementine has learnt how to spell out her sibling's names, Mummy, Daddy and her own name. It is a fantastic way to teach toddlers to spell. We put down the letters from each name, all in the same colour, so she got used to recognizing what went together, and within no time, she could put all the names together on her own!!
The letters are a fabulous gift, because they're fun to look at, fun to play with and children love them on their bedroom door, making it their own little area!
And here at our letters are so popular that we are increasing our selection .. so you'll have even more to choose from soon!
Sept 2012 - Back to school. The importance of play...and parents.
We hope that all the little ones are settling into school and finding their feet in their new classrooms and surroundings. We also hope Mums and Dads everywhere are not too sad about the house being a little bit quieter and take a minute to enjoy it - you deserve it! Are you aware of how much you teach your children before they even get to school?

It is said that the first 5 years of a child's life are fundamentally important. It's these early years that shape their future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, life in general and that's pretty much all down do you!

This is why, even if it doesn't seem like it, that playing is so important. Encouraging children to play and explore helps them learn and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. All of which gets your child ready for school.

It doesn't stop there however and once they are at school and learning independently it is easy to carry on this learning at home through role play or with games and play that focus on the key skills they are learning such as shapes, colour, numbers and letters. Whatever you choose the key is to enjoy and have fun, after all, it is play.......or is it ;-)
Sept 2012 - Image and Text
April 30th 2012.  - Postage Rate hike?  April 30th 2012. - Postage Rate hike?

The price of postage may have gone up significantly today but there is some good news. Clementine Toys have kept their standard rate of postage at £2.95 for the sixth year in a row. You can have your goods posted to you, or anyone/anywhere else in the UK for a flat rate, regardless of the weight of your parcel. Surely that's something to write home about. If you can afford the stamp...
February 2012 - Letters Letters Everywhere

It's just turned February and we have already added two new lines to our extensive range of wooden letters.

First out of the starting blocks in these wacky races are the Crazy Bird Wooden LettersCrazy Birds. These bird inspired letters come in vibrant colours with funky patterns and are sure to brighten up any child's room. These versatile wooden letters can be used to create your child's name on bedroom doors, toy boxes, wardrobes. Measuring approx 7cm tall why not purchase the whole alphabet to help develop learning or really personalize your room?

Next we have the beautifully finished Magnetic Animal Letters - and yes, we did say magnetic! Having heard all your comments about wanting a magnetic range, we have specifically sourced these - making them the only set in our range of single letters that are Magnetic! These stunning wooden letters are a great learning tool or decoration. Each letter has a small magnet embedded in the back increasing its versatility. Or with the use of sticky fixers it could be attached to a wall, door or toy box. Great for adding that personal touch.

Just to wrap it all up neatly and pop a ribbon on the top, we are in the final stages of sourcing a further two more sets of wooden alphabet letters - giving you even more choice. Watch this space…
Orchard Toys - Image
January 2012 - Orchard Toys
Clementine Toys are delighted to be the latest stockists of Orchard Toys - a leading manufacturer of educational puzzles and games for children aged between 18 months and 12 years. Orchard Toys have been designing and manufacturing award-winning educational games, jigsaw puzzles and activities since 1971.

All the board used for games, puzzles and product packaging is 100% recycled. The paper used for printed covers is sourced from sustainable forests and coated with a water-based varnish and all are manufactured in the UK. Like Clementine Toys, Orchard Toys products are designed with the ethos of "learning made fun" and combine bright, innovative design, durability and quality with sound educational principles.

To ensure their products are educationally sound as well as fun to play and use, Orchard Toys work closely with an educational adviser who has had many years experience at reception and key stage 1 and 2. This close relationship ensures that skills necessary in the various National Curriculum key stages are built into the design of a jigsaw puzzle or into the gameplay of a game. Over the years, Orchard Toys have regularly been awarded toy industry awards with over 50 won in recent years. Clementine Toys are thrilled to be able to offer such a fantastic range to all our customers.
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